Multi-colored Marble Cake Tutorial

I thought it would be helpful to upload a tutorial on how to make a multi-colored marbled cake for those of you who like DIY projects. Even though I’ve made a traditional vanilla and chocolate marble cake before, this was my first time making a multi-colored marbled cake. The final cake was a 2-tiered cake with 7 layers totalled.

You’ll need:

  1. Vanilla cake batter
  2. Food coloring (I use AmeriColor)
  3. 2- 8″ round cake pans
  4. 5 bowls
  5. 5 spoons
  6. Nonstick spray

First preheat your oven to 350 degrees then spray your cake pans with your nonstick spray and set them aside. Mix up your cake batter and deposit equal amounts into 5 different bowls. Apply the food coloring to the cake batter.



20141031_201118 20141031_201050


Mix each bowl separately so that the batter in each bowl is consistent.



Take a spoon full of one color and place it in the middle of the cake pan


Choose a different color and take a spoon full of it and place it in the middle of the first colored batter



Take the third color and place a spoon full inside of the second color.


Repeat this process for the fourth and fifth colors

20141031_201527 20141031_201555

After doing this, you will notice that you still have a lot of cake batter left. Simply repeat this entire process until there is no more cake batter left. Your multi-colored cake batter should fill up half of the cake pan (The cake will rise while baking so don’t worry). Place both cake pans into the oven and bake for 24-33 minutes, or when the top of the cake springs back when you tap it gently with your hand. When the cake is done baking, it should look like this



Allow your cakes to cool before frosting them. The cakes I made were for a birthday, so I covered my 7 layers with black fondant and melted Candy Melts for the illusion of splatter paint. Here is my final product

20141101_033423 20141101_033745

Trial & Error

Since I am a beginner at the Culinary Institute of Virginia, I thought that I should document my progress there. This was my first time making a fruit tart (large and small) and it turned out fairly well. The taste was amazing, but not so much of the appearance. I never thought so much time and patience was needed when doing something so small as a fruit tart. I am so happy that I chose to make the best out of 2014 and begin my culinary arts endeavor because it is really fun and informative. Now if I can only get these measurement equivalencies together, then I will be A ok :)


Taste and See Party

So I decided to hit off 2014 with a HUGE bang!! I officially began my business this year with a mini tasting party in January for a few guest; just to get a feel on what I had to offer the public. It turned out really well and I received a lot of great feedback and I am forever grateful to those individuals who were able to attend my first tasting party. This is a new beginning and a new accomplishment for me and my business and I am excited to see what God has to offer me in the years to come! Yay!

IMG_2326IMG_2301 IMG_2305 IMG_2310 IMG_2315 IMG_2317 IMG_2318 IMG_2330 IMG_2363 IMG_2376 IMG_2415IMG_2418 IMG_2419IMG_237520140113_180723 IMG_2326IMG_2420IMG_2311 IMG_2312 Drizzled Kandy ApplesIMG_2400